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Descubre las mejores canciones de Voo Voo: ¡Una lista imprescindible para los amantes de la música!

Songs by Voo Voo

Voo Voo is a Polish band formed in 1985, known for their unique blend of jazz, rock, and folk music. Over the years, they have released numerous albums and gained a loyal following in Poland and abroad. In this article, we will explore some of their most iconic songs and the stories behind them.


«H2O» is a song from Voo Voo’s 1993 album «Za niebawem». It is a perfect example of their signature sound, combining elements of jazz and rock with poetic lyrics. The song is a reflection on the fleeting nature of time and the importance of living in the present moment. It has become a fan favorite and is often performed at their concerts.


Released in 1990, «Bomba» is one of Voo Voo’s most popular songs. Its catchy melody and upbeat rhythm make it a staple on Polish radio stations. The lyrics, written by the band’s frontman Wojciech Waglewski, touch upon themes of love, desire, and passion. It is a song that never fails to get people dancing and singing along.


«Koncert» is a live album released by Voo Voo in 2005. It features some of their most beloved songs, including «Bomba» and «H2O», as well as new tracks. The album was recorded during a concert at the National Philharmonic in Warsaw and showcases the band’s exceptional musicianship and energy on stage. It is a must-listen for any Voo Voo fan.

Other notable songs

Voo Voo has a vast discography, and it’s impossible to mention all of their great songs in one article. However, here are a few more notable mentions:

  • Małe Wu Wu – A playful and energetic song that has become a staple at Voo Voo’s live performances.
  • Meska Muzyka – A powerful and thought-provoking song about the role of men in society.
  • Manhattan – A melancholic ballad about the city that never sleeps and the fleeting nature of life.

In conclusion

Voo Voo is a band that has left a significant mark on the Polish music scene. Their unique sound, poetic lyrics, and exceptional musicianship have earned them a devoted fan base and critical acclaim. Their songs are a reflection of the human experience, touching upon universal themes such as love, time, and the search for meaning. If you haven’t listened to Voo Voo yet, we highly recommend giving them a chance and discovering the magic of their music.

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