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Descubre las Mejores Canciones de Strachy na Lachy: ¡La Lista Definitiva!


Strachy na Lachy is a Polish alternative rock band formed in 2001 by Grzegorz «Strachy» Strach and Krzysztof «Lachy» Jankowski. Their music is characterized by witty and often satirical lyrics, accompanied by energetic and catchy melodies. Over the years, they have released several albums and gained a loyal fan base in Poland and abroad.

Popular Songs

Strachy na Lachy’s songs are known for their clever wordplay and humorous take on various topics. Here are some of their most popular and noteworthy songs:


This song tells the story of a girl named Raissa who is struggling with addiction and mental health issues. The lyrics are raw and poignant, painting a vivid picture of her struggles and the impact they have on those around her. The chorus, «Raissa, Raissa, jak cię nie znać?» (Raissa, Raissa, how can we not know you?) is both haunting and catchy, making this song a fan favorite.

«Piła Tango»

With a title that translates to «Saw Tango», this song is a perfect example of Strachy na Lachy’s dark humor. The lyrics describe a love affair between a man and his power tool, with lines like «Mam piłę tango, kocham piłę tango» (I have a saw tango, I love a saw tango) and «Piła w ręku, miłość w sercu» (Saw in hand, love in heart). Despite its absurd premise, the song is undeniably catchy and has become a fan favorite at their concerts.

«Twoje Moje i Jego»

This song takes a humorous look at relationships and the dynamics between three people involved in a love triangle. The chorus, «Twoje moje i jego, czemu ja, czemu ja?» (Yours mine and his, why me, why me?) is a perfect representation of the witty and clever lyrics that Strachy na Lachy is known for.

Impact on Polish Music Scene

Strachy na Lachy’s unique blend of alternative rock, punk, and humor has made them stand out in the Polish music scene. They have influenced many younger bands and their songs are often covered by other artists. They have also gained recognition and critical acclaim, with their albums consistently topping the charts in Poland.

List of Albums

  • Strachy na Lachy (2002)
  • Strachy na Lachy Dodekafonia (2003)
  • Strachy na Lachy Raissa (2006)
  • Strachy na Lachy Piła Tango (2011)
  • Strachy na Lachy Dodekafonia 2 (2012)
  • Strachy na Lachy Przechodzień o wschodzie (2017)

In Conclusion

Strachy na Lachy’s music is a perfect blend of clever lyrics, catchy melodies, and a touch of dark humor. Their songs have become anthems for many Polish fans and their impact on the music scene in Poland cannot be ignored. Whether you’re a fan of alternative rock or simply appreciate witty and clever songwriting, Strachy na Lachy is a band worth checking out.

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