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Descubre las mejores canciones de Marek Grechuta: la leyenda de la música polaca

Songs by Marek Grechuta

Marek Grechuta was a Polish singer, composer, and poet. He was born on December 10, 1945, in Zamość, Poland. He is considered one of the most influential artists in Polish music history, known for his unique blend of folk, jazz, and rock music. His songs are characterized by poetic lyrics, rich melodies, and powerful vocals.

Early Years

Grechuta showed an interest in music from a young age, learning to play the piano and guitar as a child. He studied music at the Academy of Music in Kraków, where he met his future wife, actress Danuta Grechuta. Together, they formed the band Anawa, which became known for its experimental and avant-garde music.

Music Career

In 1970, Grechuta released his first solo album, «Droga za widnokres», which gained critical acclaim and marked the beginning of his successful solo career. He went on to release numerous albums, including «Korowód» (1971), «Krajobraz pełen nadziei» (1975), and «Ocalić od zapomnienia» (1983). His music was a reflection of the turbulent times in Poland, and his lyrics often touched upon social and political issues.

Popular Songs

One of Grechuta’s most popular songs is «Dni, których nie znamy» (Days We Do Not Know), released in 1971. The song is a powerful ballad about the passing of time and the uncertainty of the future. Another well-known song is «Jeszcze pożyjemy» (We Will Still Live), released in 1975, which became an anthem of hope and resilience during the difficult times in Poland.


Marek Grechuta’s music continues to be popular in Poland, and his songs are often covered by other artists. He received numerous awards and honors throughout his career, including the Order of Polonia Restituta and the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. He passed away on October 9, 2006, at the age of 60, but his music lives on, inspiring new generations of musicians and listeners.

Influences and Style

Grechuta’s music was heavily influenced by Polish folk music, as well as jazz and rock. He often incorporated traditional instruments, such as the accordion and violin, into his songs, giving them a unique and distinct sound. His lyrics were poetic and thought-provoking, often reflecting on the human condition and the search for meaning in life.

List of Songs by Marek Grechuta

  • Droga za widnokres
  • Korowód
  • Krajobraz pełen nadziei
  • Ocalić od zapomnienia
  • Dni, których nie znamy
  • Jeszcze pożyjemy
  • Pieśni do słów Jana Kasprowicza
  • Magia obłoków
  • W malinowym chruśniaku
  • Będziesz moją panią

Marek Grechuta’s songs continue to be loved and cherished by his fans, and his music remains an important part of Polish culture. His legacy lives on through his timeless and meaningful lyrics, and his music will continue to inspire and move people for generations to come.

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