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Songs by Hey

Hey is a Spanish rock band formed in the early 90s in the city of
Barcelona. Its music style is characterized by a fusion of rock, pop
and punk, and its lyrics often touch on social and political issues,
making it one of the most influential bands in the Spanish music scene.
Today, we will take a look at some of their most iconic songs that have
left a mark in the hearts of their fans.

1. «Maldito duende»

This song, released in 1992, is considered by many as the band’s
signature song. Its powerful lyrics, accompanied by a catchy guitar
riff, talk about the struggle with inner demons and the desire to break
free from them. The phrase «maldito duende» (damned
elf) has become a symbol for Hey and their music.

2. «Quién»

Released in 1996, this song became an anthem for the youth of that time.
Its lyrics, which talk about finding one’s identity and questioning
society’s norms, resonated with many. The chorus, with the famous line
«yo no soy como tú» (I am not like you), became a
battle cry for those who felt misunderstood.

3. «Ana»

This song, released in 1994, is a tribute to a woman named Ana who
suffered from depression and eventually took her own life. It is a
powerful and emotional song that deals with mental health and the
struggle of those who are fighting their own battles. The lyrics
«Ana, no te vayas» (Ana, don’t go) still bring tears
to the eyes of many.

4. «Desaparecer»

This song, released in 1999, talks about the feeling of wanting to
disappear and escape from reality. It is a song that many can relate to
during difficult times. The chorus, with the lyrics
«desaparecer, ser invisible» (disappear, be invisible),
expresses the desire to hide and not face the problems of the world.

5. «Ave María»

This song, released in 2001, is a cover of the original by David
Bisbal. Hey’s version, however, has a different musical arrangement and
adds a touch of rock to the popular song. It became a hit and is still
one of the most recognized songs by the band.

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the most important albums by Hey,
listed chronologically:

  • 1. «Qué difícil» (1992)
  • 2. «Elijo» (1993)
  • 3. «El fantasma de la libertad» (1994)
  • 4. «Singles» (1995)
  • 5. «La canción del mar» (1996)
  • 6. «Dentro» (1998)
  • 7. «Buenas noches» (1999)
  • 8. «Loco por incordiar» (2001)
  • 9. «De fin de semana» (2003)
  • 10. «Cita con el enemigo» (2006)
  • 11. «Música para adultos» (2009)
  • 12. «Despedida» (2012)

As we can see, Hey has a long and successful career with a discography
that spans over three decades. Their music has evolved over the years,
but they have always stayed true to their roots and their unique style.
Their songs have touched the hearts of many and have become part of the
Spanish cultural heritage.

In conclusion, Hey is much more than a band. They are a symbol of
rebellion, freedom, and social consciousness. Their songs have inspired
generations and will continue to do so for years to come. If you haven’t
listened to their music yet, we highly recommend you do so and
experience the magic of Hey.

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